Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Awesome Art

I love it when I come across really good art on topics or subjects that I love. Case in point, I came across this AWESOME piece of art by the VERY talented artist, Darren Tan.
It's a STAR WARS piece, which just floored me. Wow is all I can say! Check out his work on Deviant Art:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Superman Batman Public Enemies Clip

Here is a clip of DC Entertainment's newest offering direct to DVD: Superman/Batman, Public Enemies. It doesn't look horrible, although I think I am used to the art style of Batman: The Animated Series, or Superman: The Animated Series. Or Justice League. Now, those shows had some good art work in it. The latest dvd movies, not so much....

So, what are your thoughts?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Video Mondays

Welcome back to another edition of Music Video Mondays! Did you miss it?!

To start this up again, I wanted to start it back up with a "bang". What better song than "You Shook Me All Night Long" by the legendary band AC/DC.

"You Shook Me All Night Long" is one of AC/DC's signature songs from their most successful album, Back in Black.It was released August of 1980, and went on to reach number 35 on Billboard's's Hot 100 when it debuted in 1980. It has since gone on to be recognized as one of the Greatest Songs of the 80's by various sources.

Daily Dose of Dilbert

Ah Dilbert. A comic strip created by Scott Adams that took a close look at the workplace. When I started reading them, I thought the guy had a secret camera or something that was videotaping my work life. But sadly, some of these strips were from 1996. And yet these things happen today as well. Hopefully, the strips will put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and a great outlook on your day. Or, it could make you realize other stuff, and make you weep openly in front of your co workers; me, I don't work near anyone, as I sit in the back of the office all day where pretty much no one comes down unless they have to, so no one sees my tears. So, bring on the funny....

Dilbert is created by the great Scott Adams.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Cubicle

Geez, what a week! Some days, I totally feel like this video!
And that's all I'm going to say on this topic....haha!
P.S. Sorry about the quality of sound on this, I didn't make it, I just found it! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update Part II

What's up????? Nope, not dead yet! Yeah, been really bad about updating this blog, but not for lack of a better reason than being crazy work wise. I don't think it's going to get any better, so I am trying to adjust and set some stuff up for the future. I tried this once before, but it didn't quite work out the way I would have liked, but we'll see....

In the meantime, I have gathered a ton of material that should keep things rolling for a while, but I think I will also be trying (emphasis on the word trying) to update my other blog as well; so if you don't see an update on one blog, maybe I updated the other, or vice versa, or maybe I updated both (we'll see about that one happeneing!)

Been thinking about changing up the look of the blog, but I'm still up in the air about it; I really like the black background, so I dunno; I'll do some test runs to see how things go.

Nothing really new, just the same ol', same ol', multiplied by ten...

Think that's about it for right now!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hey All! Sorry about the lack of updates here. I just looked in my post listings, and have/had a ton of stuff planned to put up. But the kicker is with all this stuff, I don't have any of it labeled as to what it is! Hahaha! So, I will take a look at it, and go from there!

So, here is an update of stuff that has been happening in the world of music, movies, & comics....


Yup, you read that correctly. Disney Entertainment has bought Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion dollars. I'm not sure if Disney got off cheap or if they overpaid for Marvel. I guess we'll see. It'll be interesting how this plays out; what changes will or won't be made, what wil be affected, so on & so on. Hopefully, it's a good deal. I'm a little hesitant to think it is, but hey, I'm just a big cynical jerk sometimes, so I look for the evil in everything!

Ironically enough, now the two biggest comic book companies are both owned by the two biggest media companies (Marvel by Disney & DC Comics by Time Warner)


Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed as playing the lead role of Hal Jordan in the movie "GREEN LANTERN". Personally, I like Ryan Reynolds. I think he's a good actor with good timing. I think he can do a very good job with it (provided that the movie itself isn't going to suck). Green Lantern is scheduled for sometime in 2010.
Coincidentally, Ryan will be the main role in Marvel Comic's "DEADPOOL" movie. It should be interesting which one does better.....


Really? Didn't they already do this? Then came back together? Then broke up again? Geez, can't these guys just decide they can't work together and move on? Or at least make albums by not being near each other? At least with that, people hear there music (which wasn't THAT bad), but they don't have to be in real contact with each other. And yeah, they wouldn't be able to tour, but then again, sometimes, touring isn't all that it is cracked up to be!


In the world of comics, DC Comics has put out a solid effort with BLACKEST NIGHT, a comic that started off in GREEN LANTERN, but expands into the whole DC Universe. It's very well written, and the art is top notch too. If you are into comics, I highly recomend picking this series up. The tie-in books are good as well, notably BLACKEST NIGHT: SUPERMAN.


This comes straight from the CBR website. You can check it out here...

It looks as if word of the death of the Spider-Man musical may have been premature.

Multiple media reports have "modest" work resuming today on the $35-million Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which halted production in early August because of cash-flow problems on the part of lead producer Hello Entertainment.

But Variety notes that the Broadway show, directed by Julie Taymor (The Lion King) and featuring music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge, "isn't quite out of the financial woods yet."

"Not everyone who was working on Spider-Man has been called back to work, it's said," writes Gordon Cox, "which some point to as an indication that while producers have gotten hold of some of the cash needed to capitalize the massive tuner, not all of it has yet been secured."

As we reported yesterday, the rest of the cash isn't likely to come from Disney, which on Monday announced plans to purchase Marvel Entertainment. Instead, the New York Post's Michael Riedel says, the funding could come from the pockets of Bono's wealthy friends.

"Bono's too smart to put his own money in the show," Riedel writes, "but word on the street is that he's tapped into his vast network of rich friends and business associates to restart production."

So, I think that is it for right now.....more to come!